Skeeter Defeater Cylinder Refill Unit

Item# HSG8303B

  • Kills mosquitoes on contact
  • Lasts 33 days when used as directed
  • Contains the botanical insecticide for use with the Skeeter Defeater Dispenser
The Cylinder Refill Unit (CRU) provides the insecticide for your Skeeter Defeaterô Dispenser. It contains pyrethrin, a botanical insecticide that kills mosquitoes on contact.
The CRU is designed to work exclusively with the Skeeter Defeater Dispenser; no other insecticide containers will fit into the Spray Head of the Skeeter Defeater and work properly.

The CRU comes with a spray button and can be used apart from the Dispenser to spray outdoor areas by hand. It is necessary to remove this spray button before inserting the CRU into the Dispenser.