The Brace™ by BodyXcel

The Brace™ by BodyXcel
Item# HSG9076

Get Back Pain RELIEF
The Brace™

The Brace™ by BodyXcel, is designed for active people.
People who participates in sports, who hike, who walk a dog, who spend hours driving a car, who stand to do dishes, who like rearranging furniture, who wash their car, who play with their children, who ride a horse. Whatever it is that active people do, The Brace™ and it’s unique bionic system, can help them do it without lower back stress or strain.

Today, it's estimated over 70 million Americans suffer from lower back pain of some sort. The Brace helps provide incredible support and comfort. All you have to do is put it on and pull the handle. You'll feel the power and support immediately.

How it Works
Simply wrap The Brace™ loosely around lower back and secure with adjustable Velcro®. When support is desired, pull handle away from body, parallel with ground. This action activates the power pulley system and tightens the unit. When the proper support is achieved, place handle on Velcro® strip encircling side panels to secure.

It's that simple.

One Hand Adjustment
Adjusting for sitting, standing, walking, jogging, etc. is easy. It can be done with one hand in one second. No matter what position the body is in, The Brace can be adjusted to provide comfortable support to the lower back.

Adjustments can be made easily, quickly, and at any time, with one hand, in one second

  Designed For Comfort
The Brace™ is comfortably worn outside or under your jacket or your shirt. The breathable, lightweight side panels splint the spine for optimal comfort.

Designed For Power
6:1 Power Ratio:
The patented pulley system delivers 6 times more support power than any other brace available today.

Designed To Last
The cord utilized by The Brace™ is specially engineered to provide 10 times the tensile strength of steel.

Both the pulley system and the cord are backed by a lifetime warranty.

The Brace™ is washable. Simply snap off the pulley system by pushing outward on each plastic pulley side, and then lift the pulley system off the side panels. Reverse the process to put the pulley system back on the brace. Hand wash only. Air dry.

Designed For Everyone

The Brace™ is available in six sizes:

Small (25”-30”)         XL (40”-45”)
Medium (30”-35”)     XXL (45”-50”)
Large (35”-40”)        XXXL (50”-55”)