Berryman® B-104 Lemon Fresh Towelettes

Berryman® B-104 Lemon Fresh Towelettes
Item# HSGberryman

A potent combination of powerful, yet safe cleaners in a pre-saturated, industrial-strength, dual-textured towelette that won’t dry out hands. Natural lemon extracts quickly clean grease, grime, tar, dirt, ink adhesives and paint while leaving behind a pleasant citrus odor.

  • Duel textured towelettes feature superior absorbency - Soft side for easy wiping and a rough, textured side for scrubbing harder to remove grime

  • Made with natural ingredients including citrus oils, jojoba, Aloe Vera, vitamin E and sunflower oil
  • No petroleum solvents or harmful phosphates.

  • Travel size - 40 count

  • Shop size - 90 count

Formulated with industrial-strength cleaners and gentle moisturizers. The Lemon Fresh Towelettes works fast without water or paper towels.