Club-Vue Cart Golf Bag

Club-Vue Cart  Golf Bag
Item# HSG11355

Club-Vue proves it: not all golf bags are created equal.

Club-Vue features an open front panel, lining your irons up for easy access. The top bin holds your woods, hybrids and putter. Find the right club quickly, slip it out of its clip, and itís ready to swing.

  • The open front panel provides easy access to seven inverted irons
  • Irons come out easily so tangling and jerking are eliminated
  • Irons are organized and identified by numbers on end of the grips
  • Clatter of clubs is eliminated
  • Open view makes it obvious if an iron has been left behind
  • A two-way zippered rain hood and a three window front panel allow club access while protecting clubs and the interior of the bag from the elements
  • Multiple straps for lifting bag onto the cart
  • Insulated pocket for your favorite beverage, umbrella holder
  • Multiple pockets for balls, tees, and accessories
  • A four channel bin for all your woods. hybrids, and putter