EdenPURE USA 1000

Item# HSG9047

The EdenPURE USA 1000 Is The Only Infrared Heater Made In America!

The EdenPURE
USA 1000 heater can pay for itself in no time and help you put your savings back into your pocket! And that's just the beginning of the benefits.


Turn the thermostat to your furnace down! Let the EdenPURE USA 1000 supplement it with warmth & savings.

Typical combustion heat sources burn the air because they remove oxygen from the room.  This can cause your skin to crack and can make you drowsy.  This is not the case with the soft, infrared heat of the EdenPURE USA 1000.

EdenPURE USA 1000 heaters evenly heat the objects in a room and because it has no flame, it does not consume oxygen. With its built-in thermostat, it can save you money by disengaging when it reaches the temperature setting you select.


USA 1000 has no exposed elements that can burn you or cause a fire.

EdenPURE USA 1000 is the top choice for many safety professionals.  This is because EdenPURE USA 1000 is an alternative to dangerous combustion flame-based heaters. 

EdenPURE USA 1000 does not work off of flame-technology.  Inside the unit, infrared bulbs get warm and produce a soft therapeutic heat, which is then pushed out of the unit through an internal fan.  Its safe, its efficient and its cost-effective.

The outside of the EdenPURE USA 1000 only gets warm to the touch; it will not burn children or pets.