GacoShield® & GacoGrip®

GacoShield® & GacoGrip®
Item# hsg10354

1 gallon of GacoShield and 1 jar of GacoGrip



Professional Grade Deck Protection You Can Apply

GacoShield allows homeowners to install high-quality protection to their dimensional lumber deck. GacoShield provides lasting surface protection, plus a skid-resistant surface that cleans up easily. One gallon of GacoShield will cover 100 square feet.

GacoShield is the same top-quality, durable acrylic coating used by decking professionals. It creates a fully-adhered, durable membrane which expands and contracts along with your deck. GacoShield is perfect in hot or cold climates, as it’s a high-quality acrylic coating that does not soften in the heat or become brittle from cold.

GacoShield is specially formulated to protect and prolong the life of your wood deck. The unique chemistry of GacoShield allows the wood to breathe while protecting the wood as well. The result is an attractive and protective deck coating.

Apply GacoShield In A Day!

Complete step-by-step instructions for installing GacoShield can be viewed online at and on the GacoShield packaging. By following these instructions for preparation and application, your dimensional lumber deck can be finished in a day! Properly applied and maintained, GacoShield will protect your deck for years. Clean your deck annually with GacoWash concentrated cleaner.

Available Colors*

Simply Add GacoGrip Texture Granules for a Slip-Resistant Finish

GacoGrip texture granules create a decorative and slip-resistant finish for your deck.

Applying GacoShield is Easy!

GacoShield is a high-quality deck coating that can be applied on dimensional lumber (2x4, 2x6) decks, stair treads, docks, fences, railing and siding as well as concrete porches, patios and walkways with no primer required. GacoShield is recommended for cedar, redwood, pressure-treated and other suitable soft wood decking lumber. Since deck materials and previously applied protection varies, a test patch applied and allowed to cure for three days is recommended prior to applying to an entire deck. TheGacoShield system provides lasting protection, plus a skid-resistant surface that cleans up easily. To insure proper performance, it is imperative that all preparation instructions and application techniques are followed. A “how-to” video with step-by-step instructions can be viewed at Additional help can be obtained by calling the Gaco helpline at 1-866-422-6489.

No Experience Needed To Apply
  • No special equipment required — just roll it on
  • Accessory products — patching compound, fabric, sheeting, primer, basecoat — not required
  • Can be applied over wide temperature range (50°F to 90°F)
  • One coat of GacoShield and you’re done!

For more information or to view the online instructional video, visit WWW.GACORETAIL.COM or call 866.422.6489