GeoPath™ Softcurve Pathway Stabilization System

Item# HSG8077
GeoPath™ Softcurve

The unique cell structure of GeoPath™ SoftCurve™ is designed to hold your pathway fill material in place, ensuring a neat and tidy path free of ruts and water-washout furrows.

  • Made of durable heavyweight molded plastic
  • Resists temperature extremes - won't crack or decompose
  • Makes maintenance of pathway quick and easy
  • Keeps fill material from spilling into adjacent lawn
  • Easy to move and reposition
  • Ideal for creating terraces


GeoPath™ Softcurve HSG8077A
HardDrive™ Drive-On Lawn Grid - OUT OF STOCK
Now you can create attractive lawns and pathways that you can drive on and grow grass in, with HardDrive™ Drive-On Lawn Grid.

These durable grids are easy to install, and allow roots to penetrate deep into the soil so your lawn stays healthy, green and very functional!
  • Made of durable heavyweight molded recycled plastic
  • Each 20" x 40" section interlocks easily with additional sections, making it easy to create the size you need
  • Protects high-traffic areas from becoming worn
  • Creates extra parking space for boats and trailers
  • Allows you to plant grass instead of installing concrete or blacktop
  • Reduces surface runoff associated with paved areas
  • Protects grass along driveway in areas where “overdriving” occurs.
HardDrive™ Drive-On Lawn Grid - OUT OF STOCK HSG8077B