Item# HSG10349

The Brazilian barbecue phenomenon has exploded but so far it’s been limited to a restaurant experience. Grillex™ brings that same delicious taste into everyone’s kitchen.

Whether entertaining a group of friends or just spending some quality time with the family, the versatility of Grillex™ offers plenty of options for every household. 

It’s simple, fast and flavorful every time, making it the perfect product for any kitchen. Appetizers, dinner, and dessert, the possibilities with the Grillex™ are truly endless.

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While the origin of the Grillex™ is Brazilian, the versatility of the Grillex™ is unmatched. 
In addition to the traditional Brazilian fare, Grillex™ can also be used to cook a wide range of foods from appetizers, simple or gourmet meals to desserts. 

Grillex™ go's beyond the typical meats, vegetables and cheeses of a Brazilian BBQ! Below are just a few examples of various foods grilled to perfection in the Grillex.

  • Appetizers
  • Fast & Easy Main Courses
  • Gourmet
  • Desserts

Only Grillex™ is truly smoke free. 

The patented design of the Grillex™ keeps the juices from dripping on the heat source, eliminating the smoke.  The best part about the Grillex™ is that you are actually cooking over a real flame, just as you would on an outside barbecue.  The Grillex™ sits right on top of your existing gas rangetop.


  • Easy to clean
  • Space saving design is convenient to store
  • Light weight - 4.5lbs
  • Aluminum body is built to last
  • Allows for large or small portions to be cooked
  • Different foods can be cooked at the same without mixing flavors

Grillex™ doesn’t need to be kept in the kitchen, the Grillex™ can be taken anywhere.   Another patented feature of the Grillex™ is the Flavor Bowl™ that is housed in the heat diffuser. 

When grilling outside, this feature allows for a piece of charcoal to be added just above the flame and below the food to give the extra-added flavor of cooking over a real wood or charcoal fire. 

Just as one would never bring a charcoal grill into the house, never place charcoal in the Grillex™ while cooking indoors as adequate ventilation does not exist in the home.