The Handy Caddy

Item# HSG10109

Its simple, light plastic design easily sticks into the ground and gently hold clubs upright for easy access. No more golf clubs thrown to the ground leaving your grips wet and dirty. And no more aching backs or lost clubs.

Features & Benefits of the Handy Caddy:

  • Keeps clubs clean and dry.
  • Never lay costly golf clubs on the ground again.
  • Enjoy easy access to clubs in use.
  • Avoid twisted & knocked over clubs with the unique stake driven design.
  • Easily repair grass divots with spike on bottom of Handy Caddy.
  • Eliminate bending - perfect for golfers with bad backs.
  • Move freely and quickly during golf game.
  • Slip Handy Caddy conveniently into golf bag when not in use.
  • Also supports baseball bats, fishing rods, and other gear.
What are others saying about The Handy Caddy....

I just wanted to thank you for this wonderful new product that has helped make golf enjoyable once again. It is very convenient as well and takes up almost no space in my bag. I am going to recommend your product to all my friends because I’m sure they will be as satisfied with the “handy caddy” as I am.            
                   - Yours Truly, Jerry Smith, Rock Hill, S.C.

Thanks as well for making it so very affordable to purchase. Please congratulate everyone on a superior new product and thanks again so very much.
                   - Sincerely, Patty Lance Charlottesville, VA