The PurePutt

The PurePutt
Item# HSG10374

  • Creates flawless swing mechanics
  • Eliminates body motion
  • Develops putting confidence fast
  • Improves aim
  • Immediate tempo, line & stroke feedback
  • Ideal for all skill levels to use
  • Reads the slope on the greens
  • Easily attaches to any putter
  • Arced & straight swings supported

PurePutt is designed to help golfers comprehend and greatly improve the flaws in the putting stroke, tempo of the putt and the line to the hole. PurePutt supports the proper putter angle for both putter swing styles – arced and straight.

The device supports all levels of players including professional, advanced, and beginners. The main practice routines are putting motion and putting aim. In addition, the device will read the slope of the greens, detect body motion, and help overcome the ‘YIPS’ associated with putting.

  • High technology precision putting device that is easy to use
  • Provides real-time feedback on all aspects of putting
  • Helps players overcome the 'Yips'
  • Settings for professional, advanced, and beginner player levels


The PurePutt is based on our patent-pending 3-D DazzCore™ platform. This break-through technology includes the integration of a computer, 6-axis motion detection, and 3-D awareness in a portable device.

The DazzCore acquires in real-time critical information on the tempo and rotation of the putt stroke and provides immediate feedback.