Smart Step™ 3' Home Collection Mat

Smart Step™ 3' Home Collection Mat
Item# hsg10376

In recent years, consumers have identified the many back, leg and foot ailments that have plagued us in our homes. The attractive hardwood, ceramic, and tiled floors have become the culprits of these discomforts. While several products have entered the market, none have the proven success of the Smart Step® Home Collection Mats.

  • The one-piece construction of the Home Collection Mat features our exclusive SmartTech Polyurethane™, a revolutionary, advanced technology that allows for complete comfort and consistent support.

  • Medically Proven, Smart Step® mats provide “The Absolute Best” in comfort and relief. The 5/8” one-piece polyurethane effectively suspends body weight, reducing impact on the back, legs, and feet, while encouraging propriception (rebalancing). This results in consistent comfort, better circulation, and less fatigue.

  • The 20 degree and ADA compliant beveled edges of all Smart Step® mats will always remain flat, preventing dangerous trip hazards. Our SmartTech Polyurethane™ technology retains 100% memory properties, meaning the mat is cured flat and the edges are guaranteed to never curl up.

  • The unique one-piece construction of the Smart Step® mat eliminates the need for glues or toxic bonding agents that often break down in time. Our mats will never separate, bubble up, ripple, or tear as a result of broken down glues.

  • Smart Step® mats have immediate recovery (bounce back) and will never lose their form. The SmartTech Polyurethane™ construction will not compress (squish down) to create dangerous high and low spots, and will always maintain resiliency. This results in consistent comfort, where the most frequent standing occurs.

  • Our advanced designs and SmartTech Polyurethane™ protect against high traffic erosion. Even after many years, deterioration is greatly reduced, leaving an attractive, easy to clean finish.