The Precise Slice Knife & Serrated Paring Knife from Victorinox

Item# HSG8093

The Precise Slice Knife is the most versatile food slicer on the market. It slices and carves, performing dozens of difficult tasks with ease and precision.

Each cut is the perfect slice, regulated to your needs. The mere turn of a knob adjusts the thickness guide from 1/16" to 1/2".

Exclusive Features:
  • Precise slicing control
  • Adjusts easily to desired thickness
  • Remains securely and firmly in position
  • Handle is ergonomically designed for the perfect grip
  • Finest quality Swiss-made stainless steel blade
  • Serrated edge is ideal for tough vegetables and breads
  • Professional size 8 ¼" heavy duty blade
  • Sanitary and easy to clean
  • Left and Right handed models available
  • Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer’s defects