The Wheel Deal

The Wheel Deal
Item# HSG10370

Putting Accounts For 40% Or
More Of Your Score!

The fastest way to improve scores is on and around the greens. The Wheel Deal putting aid will help the user accomplish this by correcting the player's alignment and flaws in the putting stroke itself. No matter which putting style the golfer has, this easy to assemble device will help you develop a proper, repeatable, correctly aligned stroke.

The Wheel Deal simply provides you the easiest way to develop that low and slow putting stroke and build the correct muscle memory for consistent putting. 

The Wheel Deal Features & Benefits:
  • Develop Low and Slow Stroke
  • Develops Smooth Tempo
  • Works with Open - Shut or Straight Back and Straight Through Stroke
  • Build Muscle Memory
  • Easily Stores In Your Golf Bag
  • Easy On Off Installation
  • Use Your Own Putter
  • Build Putting Confidence
  • Conquer The Yips
  • Affordable alternative to professional putting lesson
  • Built to Last - Made from Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • Great For Juniors to Professionals
Easy 3 Step Set-up!

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